From Azerbaijan with love: Gazelli


This has to be all-time favourite skincare line. I first discovered Gazelli – a renowned brand conceived in Azerbaijan – a few years ago. Then, the products had whimsical black and white illustrations with traditional poetry and sayings inside. I loved the look. These days, however, the line has been given a revamp and products are now in streamlined, minimalist packaging (although there is still a little nod to its origins with a line of poetry found on the inside of the boxes) so consumers are under no illusions that they are buying a serious beauty brand with heavyweight research and know-how behind it. And they are. The arty drawings may have gone, but I am still a huge fan. Mainly it’s down to the hero ingredient that is White Oil.

Gazelli’s founder is a former genetic scientist, Dr Hamzayeva, who during her time as a scientist observed the potential in white medicinal healing oil, an ancient natural resource that is unique to Azerbaijan. This precious ingredient forms over many years in the deep layers of the earth and has been used and revered for centuries as a miracle medicinal cure.

After years of research and experimentation, Dr Hamzayeva perfected her now patented method enabling her to adapt this powerful regenerative ingredient for cosmetic use. Gazelli White Oil™ has become the line’s core ingredient and cannot be found in any other product in the world.


Here’s the science bit: As the skin ages its ability to regenerate slows, it loses elasticity and the ability to hold moisture. The groundbreaking Gazelli White Oil™ contains a high concentration of physiologically active components that increase metabolic processes at cellular level, improving skin’s ability to regenerate itself and absorb nutrients and oxygen. The skin’s natural capacities are restored, so that skin can retain moisture and regain youthful elasticity and health.


Gazelli’s Ultra Nourishing Saviour Mask, £40, contains hydrolyzed elastin, wheatgerm oil rich in vitamin E, and white oil. It works to regenerate and nourish the skin from within, working on the deep layers to plump and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. A luxurious blend of fig seeds is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Best of all this can be left on overnight for a deep hydrating treatment – just apply like a night cream. It has a rich, soft texture and also smells gorgeous, leaving skin plumped up and wrinkles ‘ironed out’.


The Ultimate Firming Serum, £75, has the highest concentration of White Oil™ so it feels ultra-luxurious. Add a few drops to skin prior to moisturising to tone and firm. It really does give skin a tighter, radiant appearance. Sodium Hyaluronate plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while extract of anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate protects the skin from free radicals and evens skin tone.


Finally, my trio of Gazelli must-haves ends with versatile Hydra Radiance Face Mist, £42. It gives a veil of hydration that locks in essential moisture and nutrients and will be definitely coming with me on my trip to Greece next wee.. The unique blend of Gazelli White Oil™, Grape Seed Oil and Black Mulberry Extract protects, hydrates and tones the skin with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omegas. It can be spritzed on over make-up during the day or used as a toner. I love the uplifting aroma and how it is softly absorbed by the skin, leaving it velvety smooth. Gorgeous.

Watch this space for news on the opening of Gazelli House in London later this year. it will be an holistic hub which will be dedicated to the brand. Moving away from the term spa, it will be carved out of a three-floored period townhouse and will be ‘a stimulating space in which to connect with others’. On offer will be wellbeing services, such as skincare, massages, nutrition and mindfulness seminars. Intimate, homely and inviting interiors, the Gazelli House will aim to inspire and encourage healing through all of the senses. Book me in now.

The art of perfume, the jet set way

Oooh, I was thrilled to receive this genius little Jet Set Perfume Discovery Box from The Perfume Society recently. Launched this month, it is ideal for globe trotters who like to travel light. The little box of goodies contains a selection of hand-picked, travel-friendly-size fragrances all with a jet set theme.

IMG_7139 IMG_7130

My highlights are the layer able (and substantially sized) Salt Air and Piña Colada from The Library of Fragrance. Also gorgeous are Creed’s Virgin Island Water (inspired by the unspoilt beauty of the British Virgin Islands), Thierry Mugler Angel Sucrée for a warm sugary blast of summer and L’Artisan Parfumer Rose Privée with its extraordinary hit of May rose.

The ‘must have’ collection continues with the joyful and mischievous Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold!, the radiantly feminine Elie Saab Le Parfum and Shay and Blue Blood Oranges, with its burst of fresh blood orange to transport you to the Southern Italian coast. Finally the seductive Versace Eros Pour Femme, is named after the Greek God of romantic love.

IMG_7134 IMG_7137 IMG_7139 IMG_7141

Because they are mini or sample size, it means you can take a selection of different fragrances away with you to suit different moods and occasions, and still not be weighed down with heavy perfume bottles. When you get home, the scents you love will remind you of your happy holiday place, every time you wear them.


Continuing the travel theme, the box also includes a generously sized Ultra Sun Face High SPF 30 Anti-Ageing Formula protective cream to offer the best protection against UV damage. A travel must have!

The Perfume Society, which was founded by Lorna McKay and Jo Fairley, has also put together a Jet Set playlist on Spotify with songs inspired by the scents and the most exotic of locations. Click here to access a soundtrack to this summer’s travels.

The box is available for a limited period only.vailable to VIP Subscribers at the special price of £10 – and to non-subscribers for £15.

Let me tell you ABOUT: underwear with superpowers


New from ABOUT, the Baltic loungewear and underwear brand, is its latest innovative collection of underwear and loungewear, ideal for travelling because of its impregnation with skin-care fabric treatments – such as aloe vera and silk proteins.

The brand specialises in creating collections of basics which combine fabric treatments such as aloe vera, beeswax, silver ions and silk proteins imbedded into the fabric. The new collection, entitled ‘Fit the Benefit’, is based on the idea of each fabric ‘creation’ having its own superpowers, which give a positive impact to the skin. Kapow!

IMG_7122 IMG_7124 IMG_7126 IMG_7128

I’ve been wearing the brand’s flesh-coloured body, a white T-shirt and a loose watercolour-print top for sleeping in. Each one is incredibly soft on the skin and the underwear gives a smooth contour with no VPL. I actually hate the sensation of some fabrics – such as wool – against my skin so these are a godsend. Ideal to wear as a base-layer ‘skin’ especially with their caring, moisturising, antibacterial qualities.

The ABOUT Classic range – which my ‘body’ falls under – is aimed at everyday use and its fabrics are patented with a Beeswax finish, which is enriched with natural beeswax extracts, ensuring a skin caring effect for even the most sensitive skin types.

The ABOUT Trend range, meanwhile, is a seasonal line of underwear and loungewear for the ‘fashion savvy’. This range is infused with aloe vera which is known for its anti-irritation and antimicrobial qualities. Garments enriched with this finishing are noted for their moisturising and soothing properties typical of the aloe plant.

image006 image011 image013

Other Superpower fabric treatments, such as those found in the Business range, include silver ions, silk proteins, merino wool and ‘thermo act’, all with varying properties and effects.

To view the entire ABOUT collection visit

To view the Superpowers Campaign video visit


image001 image002 image003

Hello, sunshine: Kirigami cards

I love beautiful stationery and these Kirigami pop cards from Cardology are just perfect for something a little different, for someone a little special.


All the cards in the Kirigami collection feature individually laser cut pieces which are then stitched into the card to provide stunning intricate designs which ‘pop up’ when you open the card, from £4.50. They make for the perfect collection of keepsake cards, which in turn are a fine antidote against our fast-paced, technologically-led lives. After all, there’s nothing better than a hand-written note – especially in a lovely card – to tell someone how much they mean to you.

 IMG_7110 IMG_7114 IMG_7116

As well as the usual birthday and occasion cards, new designs include quirky London landmarks, botanicals, such as the bunch of flowers shown here, and pretty ferris wheels and rainbows. There are tons of designs to choose from and a special mention goes to the little wardrobe cut-out, complete with hanging clothes, which is perfect for fashion and style lovers.

IMG_7112 IMG_7118

Show someone some love.

Everything’s looking rosy: vintage inspired beauty

I’m utterly charmed by this new beauty brand which has transformed my skin after just a few days of using it. Rosina’s Lotions & Potions not only looks pretty but it fuses science and nature to offer a range of work-hard, results-driven products.

IMG_7057 IMG_7059

As the name suggests, the range of products is based around rose, which is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and has healing properties, not to mention a lovely, delicate fragrance. The brand also has an interesting backstory, spanning three generations of beauty connoisseurs and the prettiest packaging I have come across.

Founder Sophie Reynolds, a trained beauty therapist, has taken inspiration from her grandmother’s original beauty brand and has reinvented it for the 21st century. Concocted mainly from aloe vera and rose water, Rosina’s Lotions and Potions first started life as the invention of Sophie’s grandmother Rosina, a dancer at the infamous Eve Club in London. She eventually created a popular range of cosmetics after starting to make products at her kitchen table to counteract the negative effects of the stage make-up she had to wear. Her passion for beauty was then passed on to her daughter – Lesley – Sophie’s mother – who herself became a beauty practitioner and is now the renowned founder of the Harley Street Skin Clinic. All three women have worked on the reimagination of the brand, pooling their know-how and experience garnered from each of their generations.


Harnessing the best organic ingredients with the latest scientific breakthroughs – with a dash of vintage glamour – the products aim to stave off the effects of ageing, protect against the environment and keep skin looking young and vibrant. Central to the range is the Rose Perfecting Oil, £29, which comes in a dainty little bottle with tassle. The lightweight, super-nourishing oil is high in vitamin C and helps to lock in moisture and keep skin smooth. It can be used directly on the skin under your serum or moisturiser, although I have been adding it to my moisturiser and mixing it in before application for an old-fashioned apothecary approach. Smells divine and leaves skin soft and dewy.


Follow up with the Fountain of Youth Serum (£65). This has a wonderful rich texture and feels super-luxe, giving big-brand names a run for their money. It has a fairly high price point, yes, but only a few drops are needed so it will last for ages. I’ve been using this each morning after washing my face and it has an immediate effect – which I love – with my skin appearing instantly fresh, awake and radiant. A winner.


Rosina’s Rose Radiance Vanishing Cream, £55, (adore the name) is a wonderful day moisturiser. It sinks into skin leaving it soft to touch and delicately fragranced. If time permits, massage this in, using upward strokes, to really leave your skin velvety smooth and deeply hydrated.

IMG_7077 IMG_7079

Rosina’s Glorious Rose Cleansing Milk, £35, and Rose Velvet Skin Tonic, £30, work together to take off the day’s residue and grime. Apply the cleanser all over on damp skin and massage it in. Then simply wipe off with a damp face flannel and your skin will be transformed. I’ve been using this for just a few days and my skin has felt incredible afterwards. I think it is the combination of the rose and the act of rinsing off with water which has cleared my skin (which has been blemished for a while).

Follow up with the toner on a cotton wool pad – it takes off any residue of the cleanser and any last remnants of make-up as well as toning and tightening the pores.

I love the fact that the range has a an-all encompassing approach with its product line (it has everything you need, from cleanser to moisturiser, and the ingredients are based around the same rose heart) so you feel all the range works in complete harmony with each other and there aren’t tons of clashing ingredients going on your skin.

IMG_7081 IMG_7071

There are even handmade lip balms in a choice of rose, orange flower and mint choice chip flavours, £4.50, and handmade soaps, £5.50, which are kind to the skin, free from chemicals and made with natural ingredients (ideal for gifts, too, and have a charming, old-fashioned feel about them).

IMG_7065 IMG_7067 IMG_7069

It goes without saying that the retro packaging is dreamy. Lovely stripes combined with rose illustrations are simply gorgeous. Showing the design off is this gorgeous Bees Wax Candle scented with rose essential oil, £40. It comes in a delicate hand-printed glass, with the signature floral rose and bee design, and leaves your room wonderfully scented with warm tuber rose. This is a fantastic present if you can bear to give it away!

Rosina’s Lotions & Potions may be channelling the vintage cosmetic collections of the 1950s, but it also taps into the best current day skincare know-how – the result is a covetable range of goodies that offer luxury beauty intelligence without the harsh effects of other technologically orientated brands. It’s looking rosy.

Lavender love: Crabtree & Evelyn


Lavender is on of my favourite smells, especially at this time of year when it is in full bloom. Needless to say that I also love this Lavender gift set from Crabtree & Evelyn which contains three must-have products. First of all, I’ve fallen for the gorgeous illustrations that Crabtree & Evelyn use for all their packaging – so divine.



The Bath & Shower Gel is a real treat. It cleans and refreshes as well as scenting skin with its uplifting Lavender fragrance, which is blended with violet, tonic bean, lemon leaf and soft musk. Extracts of lavender, peony, white magnolia, and elderflower help condition the skin. It gently foams up and feels wonderfully rich and luxurious.


After your shower and bath (in which it gives lots of bubbles), slather on the matching body lotion for finely scented limbs. It leaves the body soft and supple and sinks quickly into the skin. Shea butter, lavender, evening primrose, almond, and coconut oils give deep moisturisation, while extracts of peony, white magnolia, and elderflower help condition the skin.


Crabtree & Evelyn’s Hand Therapy is one of the best hand creams around. This version combines shea butter hand cream with lavender oil and leaves hands feeling incredibly smooth and soft. It absorbs deep into the skin and leaves no greasy residue, Fantastic for keeping hands in tip-top condition. Lavender is a great aid for sleep so I’ve been using these products at the end of the day to get a restful night’s sleep. It’s an ideal gift for a loved one, or why not simply indulge yourself for a change. After all, you’re worth it!

Room to breathe: garden styling

John Lewis

John Lewis

Our outdoor living spaces have become just as stylish as the inside of our homes. From hot tubs to hot pinks, here are the latest new trends to keep your garden a perennial favourite place to be.

The way we use our gardens has drastically changed over the past few years. From the rise in edible planting to the increased popularity of dramatic landscaping (think black fencing, architectural planting and oversized pots) – just like how we furnish our interiors, we are taking note of what’s on trend and elevating our outdoor spaces. New advances in weather-proofing, for instance, mean we now have a wide choice of chic furniture options that wouldn’t look out of place in Miami or LA. These days there is also a focus on home entertaining and social time spent outdoors with friends and family. It all adds up to a desire for the most stylized gardens that we can achieve.


Long gone are the days when garden furniture meant plastic tables and folding chairs. Designers are now taking the same approach they usually apply to living and dining room furniture and as a result, thankfully, there is a wide choice of super-stylish garden sets available so homeowners can create that sought-after elegant al fresco area.

White Stores

White Stores


James Whiteley, founder and managing director of White Stores (03331 235 235,, a leading online retailer of garden furniture and accessories, is at the forefront of modern garden design: “Despite the ups and downs of the great British weather, al fresco dining and entertaining is becoming more popular every year, as homeowners extend their kitchens and living rooms outside into the garden. An outdoor living trend we are seeing for 2015 is the widespread availability of more colourful garden and patio furniture. While many of our customers still prefer their outdoor sofa and chairs to be a traditional grey or brown colour, others want to make a bold statement with bright, funky colours like yellow, orange and lime green. Of course, this wider choice of designs, colours and materials allows people to bring a truly unique look to their outdoor space – and that’s something we’d all like to achieve with our homes and gardens.”

John Lewis

John Lewis

A growing trend towards a more organic look has meant a boom in natural materials being employed, which echo the look and feel of a garden. Woods, linens, all-weather rattan (choose synthetic for durability) can be mixed and matched to give interest. What’s more, manufacturers are now producing many styles of furniture and textiles that resemble indoor versions but which can withstand the elements, like those available at John Lewis (01223 361 292,

John Lewis

John Lewis

Nicola Gidlow, buyer for Outdoor Living at John Lewis, gives her insight as to what is popular right now: “Our key trend for garden furniture in 2015 is Fusion, which looks at authentic pattern, shapes and finishes through a contemporary lens and develops them into beautiful pieces of modern design. The Ariel range perfectly captures the essence of this trend, and with a weathered finish and a fisherman’s rope detailing, this is perfect focus for gardens and conservatories alike. The Shanghai Parasol is key to achieving the look, its neutral colour combined with an intricate multi-rib design creates a striking focal point for the garden, perfect for entertaining.”




For a large garden, add interest with occasional outdoor furniture dotted around. You can create small ‘tableaux’ to highlight a few pretty areas. A group of rattan armchairs, for example, or a metal table and matching chairs can be grouped together to form cosy corners – much like how you would arrange them in a large living room. Source items from home emporium Adventino, an online emporium inspired by the British countryside (01529 307 812,

Fired Earth

Fired Earth


The seamless transition of the home to garden can also be emphasized by using typical interior materials such as ceramic tiles. Creating a glamourous effect are Fired Earth’s (01223 300941, new porcelain tiles, available in geometric hexagon mosaics and pretty floral patterns, which are slip resistant, making them perfect for paths and patios.

Fired Earth’s creative director Rob Whitaker comments: “Just as we’re seeing with interiors, there’s a noticeable trend towards using colour and pattern outdoors. Tiles that feature decorative motifs or geometric patterns are particularly popular since they’re ideal for creating welcoming paths and stylish terraces. For example, Fired Earth’s new Sorrento porcelain range is available in six eye-catching designs. Tiles such as these are beautiful and robust, meaning that they’re equally at home indoors and out. They’re perfect for extending seamlessly from a kitchen onto a patio, cleverly creating the illusion of more space.”



SACW Paving (020 8993 5545, also offers special 20mm thick porcelain tiles, which are designed specifically for outdoor use and are quick and easy to install onto various surfaces, transforming outdoor spaces in an instant. They are also virtually maintenance free, non-slip, and scratch, frost and chemical resistant, ensuring an outside space that can be enjoyed year after year.



Trex Contour Sand Brown 2

Another practical choice for patio areas is Trex composite decking ( The eco-friendly brand supplies decking which is comprised of more than 95 percent recycled materials, including recycled plastic and wood scraps, and it offers an elegant finish with minimal maintenance, as it only needs cleaning with soap and water, and never requires sanding, staining or painting.


Fenland Arctic Spa

Fenland Arctic Spa

Create a true retreat in your garden by indulging in a few luxury touches like a hot tub or spa. Fenland Arctic Spas is one of the leading suppliers of hot tubs and gardens spas in Cambridgeshire (01353 863115, and owner Denise Mason comments: “Add a little bit of luxury to your outdoor space with the addition of a hot tub, which can be enjoyed by all the family. We supply Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas, which offer high spec and technologically advanced products. Your own spa – which is suited to all weathers – means you can create the ultimate sanctuary in the privacy of your own garden.”

Bathing Under the Sky

Bathing Under the Sky

Bathing Under the Sky hot tubs

Meanwhile Bathing Under the Sky (01763 268 551, offers luxurious, wood-fired hot tubs and barrel saunas that are perfect for escaping the distractions of modern life and look good enough to become a garden ‘feauture’. Available to buy or hire, the saunas and tubs are handcrafted from premium western red cedar; famed for its durability, insulating qualities and therapeutic aroma.

Also turning up the temperature, in more ways than one, are the new ranges of uber stylish outdoor ovens, chimineas and garden heaters now widely available.



The Morsø Living range of futuristic grills and outdoor fireplaces ( brings a touch of cool Scandinavian design to outdoor entertaining. Declan Walsh, managing director of Morsø UK, gives his advice: “More households are now branching out from the traditional BBQ, and are looking at more versatile and aesthetically pleasing products such as the Morsø Outdoor Oven. This allows you to cook traditional barbequed food as well as allowing your very own pizza creations, or it can simply act as a heat generator on a cold evening. Made of solid enamelled cast iron, this oven’s chic globular shape will make it an eye-catching addition to any patio. The Outdoor Firepit, meanwhile, is another crowd pleaser. Use it for creating an inviting ambience at a get-together or opt for the additional grate to barbeque delicious food. Incorporating clean lines fused with functional Danish design, this product is also fashioned from solid enamelled cast iron, making it a durable purchase to enjoy for years to come.”



Corner sofas and recliners are practical and attractive choices for days spent lounging in the sun, but you can lively up your space further by choosing a statement piece of furniture. Source unusual love seats or day beds, such as the Maze Rattan Apple Daybed and the Pear Daybed, available at White Stores (03331 235 235, The garden store also stocks the dramatic Aztec-inspired Alexander Rose Cabana. The cosy ‘indoor’ space for the back garden contains two beds and side table and has three circular archways forming a cool, mini hideaway.

John Lewis' Cacoon

John Lewis’ Cacoon

Not just for children, a swing is also a fun addition to the garden. The Cacoon Hanging Pod (available at John Lewis, 01223 361 292, is part-tent, part-hammock and part-tree-house and gives a modern take on a classic swing. Meanwhile, the Tobago Hanging Chair (available at Fishpools, 01992 636465, is an open-weave rattan chair, with a 60s sensibility, ideal for long, lazy days.

Tobago Hanging Chair at Fishpools

Tobago Hanging Chair at Fishpools

Kate Watson, interior designer at Fishpools, adds her take: “This season’s tropical trend has found its way into our gardens and is the perfect way to add the fun factor. Bold and bright accessories are leading the way. From jewel-hued cushions to colour pop parasols, these fun additions are a great way to add character and style to al fresco spaces. They can also be mixed and matched with ease. When it comes to choosing a colour palette, with an outdoor space you can afford to be brave so don’t be afraid to introduce rich shades. They’ll immediately establish a tropical feel and will be complemented by a garden’s flowers and foliage. Try to limit your tropical theme to one or two ‘key’ colours; this will help to create consistency and tie your look together. Smaller splashes of accent colours can then be built up around them to add variation.

In addition to accessories, painted or tiled outdoor walls are also a fabulous way to inject a touch of tropical that will last all year round. Planters filled with jungle-style flowers can also be used to break up large spaces and create an eye-catching display.”

Foxcotte Fencing

Foxcotte Fencing


Sweeping curves – created by spiral paths and shaped flower beds – are another way to add a fluid, young feel to an otherwise boring expanse of grass. Experts in garden design and natural fencing is Cambridgeshire-based Foxcotte Fencing (01223 263702, Tim Radford, owner, comments: “Gardens have become the new focus for homeowners over the past few years. Many clients invest heavily in their outdoor space and it is increasingly seen as just as important as the inside of a house. New advances in outdoor furniture, weatherproofing and design mean that gardens and patios can look modern, fresh and appealing.”




Whether you opt for a contemporary bespoke garden room or a traditional, pastel-coloured summer-house, many of us are realizing the potential that our gardens have to give us extra living space.

Westbury Garden Rooms

Westbury Garden Rooms


For many years, the only option for bridging the gap between garden and home was the conservatory, now that has changed with a range of options available for homeowners. Westbury Garden Rooms (01245 326 500, offers contemporary garden rooms, oak orangeries, pool houses and wooden conservatories that ooze style and sophistication. Each of the glazed buildings is created as a bespoke project with the homeowner so all differing needs can be met.

Summerhouse at John Lewis

Summerhouse at John Lewis

Nicola Gidlow, buyer for Outdoor Living at John Lewis (01223 361 292, comments on the growing trend: “In recent years people have begun to use their garden as an extension of their living area rather than a separate space. Outdoor rooms are versatile spaces and can really work hard for your home. In the winter they add extra space to safely store outdoor furniture and then become a haven in the summer months. They are also ideal for setting up a home office, hobby room or relaxation space.”

Linc Garden Rooms

Linc Garden Rooms

7m x 4m Rectangular Building

Specialist Linc Garden Rooms (0345 260 8929, provides garden spaces with a difference. The modern or traditional designs can be uses as garden rooms, pool rooms, home offices, or as an extension to the main house for additional living space. Neville Brownhill, managing director, advises: “Our totally unique rooms offer clients the opportunity to have quality, individuality and style unrivalled in their design and originality. All of our standard or totally bespoke designs can be used for anything from cinema rooms, hideaways to spas or additions to the main property. Just launched is our new 5m Round Spa, incorporating a sauna, steam and feature shower with relaxation beds.”

Finally, for something more unusual, Lanai, meaning open-sided veranda in Hawaiian, is an innovative, outdoor living specialist located in Cambridge (01223 915822, Peter Morris, managing director, comments: “Our glass rooms and verandas fuse the garden and home together. Giving an architectural feel, their elegant contemporary design gives a home the wow factor. There’s an increasing trend for homeowners to want to maximise their space both in the home and garden, these ‘extensions’ are unlike traditional conservatories in that they are beautiful to look at and are very practical. Lanai glass rooms are available with either sliding doors or concertina style doors. Both these styles of doors can be opened up to bring your garden into your home. With so many flexible and fixed-glazing side elements to choose from, there are combinations galore. What’s more, the doors are easy to open, and sliding the panels is a breeze due to exceptionally smooth operation and a foot-operated lock on the inside.”


Once you have the main structures in place in the garden, it is time to add in colour and texture with accessories, dramatic plant pots and an interesting colour palette.

Important to bear in mind is to seek out items that are practical although that doesn’t have to mean they should fall short on the style-factor. A case in point is the new Garden Glory range of funky garden accessories at John Lewis, which includes pink wall mounts, gold hoses and striking stag antler wall tidies.

Dash and Albert

Dash and Albert

Another important factor is choosing items that can withstand our changeable climate. Offering a large range of outdoor soft furnishings and rugs is Dash & Albert Europe ( Director Genoveva Alfaro agrees: “Outdoor living has evolved with new and improved fabrics and accessories that can withstand the elements. Decks and patios are an extension of the decorating style inside your home and people are loving the opportunity to put a personal stamp on their outdoor space.”



Seek out pioneering fabrics, such as those from Extex (01634 718871,, which are water repellent, stain resistant and machine washable. Pappelina Rugs are also unique in that they can be used indoors or out (available from while British textile company Barker and Barker, which has a new showroom in Cambridge, offers a range of fabrics suited to the garden (01223 733730,

Pappelina Rugs

Pappelina Rugs

Barker and Barker

Barker and Barker


Translating new home trends by way of affordable accessories is Sainsbury’s home and garden range ( Anna Sheppard, head of Seasonal Buying at the store, says: ‘For Summer 2015, our outdoor collections have been inspired by our two main trends, Monochrome and Country Fair, and are guaranteed to transform outdoor spaces and make al fresco entertaining simple and stylish without breaking the bank. The Monochrome collection features luxurious metallic accessories and Moroccan-inspired patterns whereas Country Fair brings a touch of the British countryside with traditional gingham prints on picnic and tableware. The quality melamine and acrylic tableware is designed to be used time and again whereas paper tableware in trend-led designs is perfect for big parties and outdoor events.’



Monochrome Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Country Fair Dining

Finally, when it comes to colour in the garden, there is now even more choice of exterior paint colours which can give a new lease of life to fencing, furniture and outdoor structures. Josephine Rance, marketing director at Farrow and Ball (01223 367771, says: “As the warmth of summer brings budding flowers and fresh green leaves, it’s the perfect time to give exterior spaces an uplift. You can brighten up tired brickwork or add pops of vibrant colour to exterior woodwork and metal.”


Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball

David Mottershead, managing director of Little Greene (020 7935 8844, experts in exterior paints, gives his advice: “On trend for this season in the garden are bright pops of colour against a dark background – replicating the wild planting of cottage gardens where dark foliage is sprinkled with vibrant wild blooms. Choose colours linked to stone, slate, sky and earth for larger expanses of painted surfaces, and opt for highlights in bolder fun colours for summerhouses, furniture – and fancy birdhouses!

Little Greene

Little Greene