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Welcome to Angelina’s Casa. My blog is dedicated to the uplifting and inspirational places and things in life – whether that is travel, beauty, fashion or quite simply new and interesting ‘ideas’.

I have been a journalist for nearly 20 years, travelling all over the world. My blog portrays all my own views and I do not make any money from it. That way, I remain in control and can write what I want.

For many years I have kept scrapbooks on things of interest, lovely things to inspire, interior ideas etc and I guess this is just a modern day version of those…

Cut and paste

I’ve lived most of my adult life in London and have also lived in Venice, Italy and Barbados. My father is Italian and I’ve spent a lot of time in the village of Settesorelle, in the Apennine Mountains (below), where he was born. I’ve also travelled extensively throughout Italy as well as many other parts of the world.

Get in touch and I hope you enjoy my musings.


15 thoughts on “About this blog and writer

  1. Hi Angelina,
    I just saw your link on the Tactile Wonderland Facebook page and saw all the other gorgeous wallpapers by other friends of mine like Claire Coles as well.
    I am running my own company Elli Popp offering customised, exclusive wallpapers and Bone China products.
    I just thought I’d drop you a line with a link.
    Maybe one day you would like to feature one of our products, that would be lovely.
    Have a nice day and very best wishes,

    1. hi Katja
      Wow! I love your designs – I will add you to my wallpaper post definitely!
      And may be contacting you to buy one of your papers as well!!
      Thanks for getting in touch. You have some gorgeous items!
      all the best

  2. Hi Angela – lover your blog and the range of topics/ideas you cover (especially vintage children’s books!)

    With this amazing English spring maybe you’ll take a look at the one-off and bespoke vintage picnic hampers we make – http://www.lifesapicnic.co.uk

    Enjoy the picnic weather


  3. Angelina I love your blog, Hi I’m thea founder of Thea Skincare. I love Barbados first went there with my ex many years and went to the Cliff for dinner one night an amazing experience. Also, Rainham in Essex my ex husband was born in Rainham so I know that clock tower very well and the Cherry Tree Pub! Best Wishes Thea
    an post the samples.

    Please send me your address so that we can post the samples to you as per your request via Sarah Nash at Evelyn PR.

  4. Hi Angelina,
    I´m Alex H.O, photography coordinator for Quien Magazine (http://www.quien.com/) based in Mexico City, I´m writing to ask your permission for using one of your photographs of the setai hotel for an article about miami in the interior of the magazine, it´s a really good photo and it would look great, thank you for your time, I look forward for your answer,
    Sincerely yours,
    Alex H.O

    1. Hi Alex
      thanks for getting in touch and asking for approval. I don’t hold copyright and so you’ll have to contact the PR for the hotel.
      Please email: claire@masonrose.com – before you use the image for permission from the photographer.
      many thanks

  5. Hi Angelina,

    My name is Andria and i am representing the marketing department of Aphrodite Hills Hotel by Atlantica. I am contacting you after reading your interview in Forbes with Abi Wright.
    Can you please contact me from the details provide below as there is something i would like to discuss further.

    Many thanks

  6. Hi Angelina,

    Hope you are well.

    I am contacting you as I work with PR First, an interiors agency that looks after array of clients include sofa.com, Willow & Hall, Neptune, Ameila Carter, John Lewis, Pooky, Nina Campbell and many more.

    I would love to include you on our mailing list, so you’re kept up-to-date on all our clients etc…I’d appreciate it if you’re able to send me your contact details when you have a moment.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Poonam Yes, indeed – I do liaise with a couple of names at PR First. In fact I emailed Lucy earlier about my March pages. However, no answer so maybe she has left. I can see your email address here so I will forward the email to you and maybe you can help! Thanks for getting in touch. all the best

    1. Hi Emma. Thanks for following. No I don’t actually but I’ll have a read of the post. Thank you. My blog is currently being redesigned so once it’s back up and running I’ll investigate! Best wishes Angelina

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